Focus group volunteers
In order to further the research in the area of enneagram studies it is of crucial importance to work directly with people from all different subtypes and from different social and cultural backgrounds. This happens mainly through focus group discussions, but sometimes also through one-on-one interviews.

Importantly, participants are not only contributing to the work of the research team, but through these discussions most are gaining deeper insights in their own patterns of thinking and behavior. Although these groups are not modelled to be therapeutic, many participants are able to process some of these issues with peers they share type or subtype with. As a result, many people experience this format as an important experience for their own growth path and to meet and connect with more like-minded people.

The next round of focus group discussions will be held in the first half of 2024 and focus on the general description of the subtypes (1 session per subtype) as well as on the attitude of the subtype towards sex and sexuality (3 sessions per subtype). We also plan focus group discussion on relationships (parents, spouse, and children), on spirituality, and on the topic of death later on.

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